Pro Features

Club Portal Pro offers a comprehensive feature set for your club.

SCVA Integration

For a nominal fee, you can simplify the management of your club with one easy-to-use registration system that perfectly integrates with SCVA's registration system. Club Portal Pro gives you the simplicity of a 1-Click Export to SCVA.

E-mail Participants

You can e-mail your players and parents directly from the registration portal, saving you time so you don't need to copy and paste every time you want to notify your players.

Payment Notifications

Your players receive automatic payment notifications whenever a payment is due, helping to ensure you are collecting your payments on time.

Credit Card Processing

Club Portal Pro also offers additional features such as credit card processing to simplify the collection of funds within your club. Collect the whole payment upfront or securely store the credit card information to allow for the payments to be made on a monthly basis.

USAV Compatible Player Metrics

Your region may not require you to collect as much information on your players as USA Volleyball does. Now, with Club Portal Pro, you can track those additional metrics on your players year after year for easy USAV exporting.

Event Fee Management

Club Portal Pro allows you to create events and fees, assign players and teams and collect payment all on our system. This reduces your workload, removing the headache of managing all of that on your own.

Auto Player Rollover

Your players are automatically rolled over from year to year so you don't need to input anything twice.

SCVA Auto Import

If your club registered with SCVA in the last year, all of your players can be automatically imported, saving you precious time.

The Club Portal Pro registration system pricing will range from $2.50 - $5.00 per registrant each year depending on package bundling plus a nominal $995 one-time setup fee.